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MUNNLANE Workplace has an elite interior design team that can assist you with the selection of finishes, fixtures, and furniture to tie your space together. Whether it’s a quick consult or full service, we are happy to help you create a space that you’ll absolutely love.

We are true partners, bringing commitment and results to every project. We’ll work closely with your company, building a strategy from the ground up, taking care of the details. Because it is seemingly the most manageable aspect of a project, furniture-related decisions are often based on a limited perspective. Since furniture typically comes in at the end of the project, it is most susceptible to high costs, and missed deadlines. MUNNLANE works with your team to ensure opportunities for cost-savings and cost-avoidance are identified, the design intent is reached within the budget, and desired functionality is achieved.

MUNNLANE Workplace brings a fresh approach to the workplace. We understand that each space is unique and that each project is a challenge. Our team of experts are from various backgrounds, with skills in all facets of interior design, including architecture, product development, visual brand design, and corporate structure. We have the resources to guide your organization through all phases of your space planning initiative. MUNNLANE is a design + strategic branding company that develops memorable brands and completely transforms environments.

Whether you need help choosing finishes and fixtures, or have a fully defined design strategy, we are here to help you realize your vision and make it a reality. Our initial step is getting to know you, our client. We listen intently to your needs and expectations. Then, we work with you, seamlessly transitioning from the initial selection of furniture to creating the best environment for your space by matching the proper furniture, with the style of your business. Our designers take pride in creating cohesive spaces that tell your brand story as well as create an inviting environment for visitors and employees. We deliver creative solutions that are also cost effective.

Own your space. Great spaces are carefully crafted from the inside out. We handle the entire interior design process by combining strategic thinking and technical expertise. With insight into both business and workspace environments, we’re here for you. From concept to construction and beyond, we follow our clients’ projects through to completion.

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