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MUNNLANE Workplace Helps Offices Transform

At MUNNLANE Workplace, we facilitate the entire process of moving a workforce from one location to another. We have thirty years of experience furnishing offices and overseeing the relocation of businesses. As a proud woman-owned business, we make a point to set an example in our community by leading with compassion, dedication, and integrity. We have managed hundreds of relocations, expansions, and renovations. Our track record speaks for itself, having worked with Microsoft, Citibank, and Visa. No matter whom we are assisting, we always provide service with a personal touch.

Our Core Values

Respect  |  Trust  |  Service  |  Accountability

Workplace core values are ingrained on the heart of every team member. We live in and out of the office with these values in mind. Leading with respect, trust, service, and accountability.

How We Work

Impression of an interior of a modern office
Setting Purposeful Intentions

We meet with our clients, form relationships, and create innovative solutions.

Leading With Confidence

We create and design optimal spaces while taking all worries off our client’s plate.

Providing Innovative Functional Design

We create spaces that are functional for ever changing times and look great.

Commitment to Our Clients

Throughout the entire process, we remain committed to the client's goals & expectations.

Our Process

Create a Plan

Whether you are planning a large scale move or a small decommission every transition begins with a schedule. We will meet your team to discuss who will be involved and what services you will need.

Visualize Your Space

Once we have a plan for the work, it is time to select your new office furniture or design your new office layout. We have specialists that can help you design the optimum workplace for your team.

Transform Your Office

Once we understand your vision, it’s just a matter of performing the installation, relocation, or redesign you desire. Our team can handle it all.

Enjoy Your New Workplace

When the work is complete, you can sit back and enjoy your new workplace, until you need MUNNLANE Workplace for your next office upgrade.

Call Us to Help With Your Transformation