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Markets We Specialize In

MUNNLANE Workplace is a certified woman owned company that has been in the office furniture industry for a combined 30 years. We provide commercial furniture and offer space planning, project management, office relocations, corporate office design, and office decommissions.

MUNNLANE Workplace specializes in Corporate, Government, Hospitality, Higher Education, Retail, Multi-Use, Science and Technology, Workplace and Justice markets.


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Workspaces say a lot about a company. Their layout, location, and design provide the public with a sense of the organization’s values, strength, and success. For employees, these spaces play a critical role in facilitating productivity, shaping office culture, and attracting top talent. MUNNLANE Workplace’s corporate specialists collaborate with clients to transform their visions and needs into vibrant, high-performance environments.

Assisted Living

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At MUNNLANE Workplace, we are experts in transforming assisted living facilities and communities through our comprehensive white glove services. Boasting over thirty years of experience in office furnishing and business relocation management, we have now broadened our scope to include the assisted living sector. As a proud, woman-owned business, we set a standard in our community for compassion, dedication, and integrity.

Our services cover the full spectrum of interviewing and gathering input to ensure we align with the best interests of the residents in each community. We have a history of successfully overseeing hundreds of relocations, expansions, and renovations, customizing our approach to meet the distinct needs of every client. Our notable track record features partnerships with organizations such as the American Cancer Society and The Hope Lodge.

Whether supporting the management team or the residents of a tranquil assisted living community, our dedication to delivering a personal touch is constant. Place your trust in MUNNLANE Workplace to facilitate the seamless evolution of your space.


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Government buildings are substantial civic investments that represent societal values and visions. Their design should promote these principles by being forward-thinking, resilient, efficient, cost-effective, and simultaneously welcoming and secure. Our teams work closely with government agencies to understand their mission and facility needs and translate that knowledge into the design, space planning and furniture of offices in state and municipal buildings throughout the US and Canada. MUNNLANE Workplace also helps government clients lead by example by advising on policies related to sustainability and high-performance design.


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The first impression of a hospitality space should be monumental and leave you wanting more. As a host, creating a memorable experience for your guests is crucial. From restaurants to hotels, owners know that the key to success is wowing the guest. MUNNLANE can help your company to set up elegant and functional spaces that will make people want to come back for more. Our hospitality furniture and project management professionals focus on helping our clients create experiences that exceed expectations. We can manage new construction, renovation, or adaptive reuse. From the first sight of the property through the journey to the most intimate spaces, no detail is too small.

Higher Education

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MUNNLANE helps colleges and universities build an environment to support their strategic goals. Our teams follow precisely the plan and can provide educational furniture, project management, and space planning for all types of academic, research, healthcare, sports, recreation, and cultural buildings for schools. We understand the importance of creating spaces that must be highly resilient - functionality, economically, and environmentally to accommodate whatever the future brings.


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Do you know how to improve your business with the retail trends of tomorrow? Making changes today can make a big difference in your bottom line. MUNNLANE works with chain stores, anchor stores, big box stores and green retailing around the U.S. and Canada. We keep up with trends and technologies that impact retail today. We’ve got you covered. We’re always on the cutting edge. You must be, if you want to stay relevant. MUNNLANE’s team includes graphic designers, 3D visualizers, and display professionals. We’ve got the latest fixtures and furniture, stage setters and all the latest technologies such as LED lighting and digital signage. It’s our job to make sure you stay up to date on modern concepts that are powering retail today. Superior workmanship is built into all our display cases and fixtures. Our lines of office desks, work platforms and storage for retail environments is designed to help stores move merchandise with style and efficiency. MUNNLANE Workplace provides the perfect solution for the retail industry. We are here for you, your colleagues, and your guests every step of the way.


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People are demanding more of the multi-use-built environment. Increasingly they’re looking for dynamic spaces that incorporate a mix of retail, workplace, and amenity offerings. For developers and building owners, these mixed-use environments offer another advantage: allowing them to leverage and diversify their investments across multiple revenue streams. MUNNLANE Workplace’s teams understand the demands and complexities of creating spaces that bridge work with community. Our design team will collaborate with you to provide the best multi-space experience possible.

Science + Technology

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Science and technology facilities are the birthplace of discoveries shaping our world. Great laboratories give science organizations a distinct advantage in achieving exceptional results. Like the practice of science itself, the formula for creating the ideal scientific workplace continues to evolve. MUNNLANE Workplace specializes in workspaces of every shape and size. Tapping into the hearts and minds of researchers, we translate each client’s vision into the finished product. By successfully planning with our clients and blending technical innovation with design excellence, we produce flexible, sustainable facility spaces.


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High performance and trendy workplaces foster a positive work environment that is fun and inspirational for employees. Happy employees enable a business to reap huge benefits. Creating a space that benefits your employees and makes them feel good by way of design choices, comfortable furnishings, or a collaborative layout is only going to increase overall productivity. There is no job too large or too small for MUNNLANE.


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Justice facilities play a vital role in bringing civility and safety to our communities. At MUNNLANE Workplace we work closely with our clients who provide evidence-based design strategies to improve the operations, aesthetics, security, and social functions of these buildings by focusing on the well-being of the occupant. In courthouses, this translates to spaces designed to comfort and accommodate the public while addressing the operational needs of judicial staff. In detention and correctional centers, our work with our clients facilitates the humane treatment and rehabilitation of inmates while ensuring the safety and satisfaction of each staff member. For law enforcement facilities and crime labs, we provide well designed furniture for workspaces to secure high-tech facilities to handle the community’s needs.

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