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Decommissioning is a routine that is necessary before removing office furniture from an existing building or after the closing of a business. When offices are closing, you may be left with large amounts of old or outdated office equipment and furnishings that need to be cleared out properly. You can count on us to safely remove and dispose of your office furnishings and equipment.

MUNNLANE Workplace is a recognized leader in the office furniture and equipment disposal industry. We utilize an extensive network of trade references, dismantling tools and technologies, as well as flexible logistics capabilities for safe recycling.We have been able to re-purpose millions of square feet of office furniture annually.

Through The MUNNLANE Network, we deliver sustainable solutions on-site at workplaces across the country. With our national presence, we can serve customers throughout the US and Canada with professional services that are cost-effective, environmentally conscious, and always efficient. Before old furniture can be removed from a facility, it needs to be properly decommissioned. Decommissioning is the process of removing all sensitive equipment such as computer servers and copying centers. We take care of this so you don’t have to hire an extra team. If you need help with office furniture removal or decommissioning services, we are here to help make your business plan succeed.

Professionally remove office furniture safely and affordably with MUNNLANE Workplace. We offer a variety of different ways to decommission your furniture, making it easier to upgrade or downsize. We provide a comprehensive office furniture donation, refurbishment, and recycling service that can take your old and unwanted office furniture and equipment off your hands. Safely and securely dispose of old or unwanted: cubicles, desks, cabinets and storage units. We create a safe workspace for our clients’ employees. The experienced team at MUNNLANE is always ready to accommodate any request you may have regarding our office decommissioning services. We take pride in providing specialized services to all our clients  Many of our clients use their donations as employee rewards or prizes for sales people or volunteer groups. For more information on how we can help you please feel free to browse over our website or contact us directly to get started on reclaiming your space today!

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