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In this climate, emphasizing mandates as you transition back to the office could alienate employees. We believe you should focus instead on creating incentives for people to want to go into the office.  We suggest a handful of well-implemented changes and additions like adjustable-height desks, treadmill desks, creative break spaces, and private meeting pods for client calls. Create workspaces that your team will be proud of. We believe the solution isn’t to force all employees back into a shared or undesirable physical space, nor is it to mandate remote working. We propose fostering an environment where teamwork is supercharged, and employees can perform at their best. MUNNLANE Workplace will help design your new workspace to help employees feel appreciated and inspired.

What motivates employees to return to the office every day? If you ask most people, they’ll say “professional obligations” or “client relationships.” The real reason is emotional attachment. To make people want to come back to work, your workplace needs to offer the same comforts of working from home while reducing the distractions of the home environment. We focus on creating excitement about returning to the office by infusing the best of both worlds into an office space.

MUNNLANE works with each client to thoroughly understand their needs and will customize the workspace that is best for them. Implementing this approach will have employees feeling like they’re working in a modern, home-like atmosphere with all the professional amenities.

A survey of more than 10,000 Americans found that the three most common complaints working from home were:

1. Blurred line between personal and professional life

2. Managing your own schedule and time

3. Social isolation

MUNNLANE designs workspaces for everyone. Our team of experts will work with you to create the perfect space for your employees, ensuring that the transition from home to the office is seamless. Contact our design team today to get started. The right workspace can make all the difference. MUNNLANE Workplace will help you reimagine your workspace, creating a work environment that encourages collaboration, efficiency, and creativity. Our design team will take a thorough look at your space and discuss all available options with you.  We’ll also walk you through the budgeting process to create a plan that fits your company’s needs. So many companies focus on creating a corporate look in the office space, which doesn’t speak to today’s modern workforce.

To help bring employees back to the office, we need to create an environment that makes people want to show up. When designing the office of the future, we’re reimagining everything, from technology to interior design. Learn how to create a workplace that attracts employees, creates excitement about coming to work, and makes them want to come back every day. Employee appreciation is more important than ever. Re-design your workspace to create a positive atmosphere. MUNNLANE knows how to create the modern workplace and will help you and your team feel the comforts of home, in the office.

For more information about our solutions and how we can help, please contact us at (800) 613-2138

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