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Julian Penna

General Manager
C: 332-333-2018
P: 800-613-2138

With over twenty years of industry experience, Julian Penna’s career has spanned the areas of technology, business development, and operations. He’s worked with companies in roles that cross multiple industries. Julian has a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration degree from Rutgers University. He is very passionate about bringing his teams to the highest level of achievement.

Julian’s contributions will be to help MUNNLANE maintain positive relationships with customers and prospects, and with developing and improving the local, regional, and national image and reputation of the company. Julian will work with MUNNLANE’s leadership team to help the company achieve goals, build, and develop strategies through corporate partnerships and, his network of professionals in all industries and markets.

Prior to joining the advisory board at MUNNLANE, Julian was the Chief Innovation Officer for a well-known national office relocation company. As the company’s first and only C-suite level employee, Julian helped increase revenue by 500 percent during his 3-year tenure.

Julian earned his Bacher’s of Arts in Business Administration degree from Rutgers University.


“What MUNNLANE does is unique to our industry. Our CEO, Jenna Wolfson has intuitive design talent that cannot be replicated. Innate talent for design backed by an experienced team is what makes us so strong. Our main objective is to make our clients happy. I know everyone says that, but we really do. Our discussions aren’t only about our products and services, they’re about how can we bring the comforts of home into the workplace. With this in mind, we’re more than a furniture and project management company- we’re a consulting firm. In today’s world you must connect with your clients to form relationships. This is personal to us; we want to enhance the way our industry is today. Our success is and will be predicated on friendships, relationships, and partnerships. The workplace has changed forever, it’s up to us to shape the environment and the future of how it will work.”

– Julian Penna

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