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Comforts of home will be brought into the office. People have grown accustomed to the creature comforts of a work-from-home day. MUNNLANE Workplace believes work spaces of the future will prioritize accommodations that help employees feel a sense of coziness in their space. Plush carpeting, soft seating options, and amenities that allow staff to complete personal tasks during their workday.

Add cozy furniture to the office or company headquarters so employees  can start to experience how great it feels to be back at work. The workplace is so much more than a place to earn a paycheck. How can we convince current and future employees, generations X & Y, that they need a workplace that is in harmony with their life?

Don’t limit your workspace to just your cubicle. Provide space for team members to build relationships with coworkers. A workplace lounge allows coworker’s to build relationships and increases collaboration. A comfortable work space also increases productivity. Teamwork is a crucial part of keeping your business productive. It’s important to not be confined to a cubicle or office.

Your team members don’t want to spend their whole day at a desk. They want to relate to other people on the team. They can build strong relationships and work more effectively when they collaborate in a comfortable community space. Providing a sit and stand desk frees up space and helps make the area more inviting for team members to collaborate and communicate. Choose a desk with storage so colleagues have room for their tools, documents, and refreshments.

Flexible seating encourages collaboration, improves creativity, and imparts a more dynamic and friendly work environment. Your space says a lot about you; make sure it feels like home too.

MUNNLANE Workplace has been providing office furniture and design consulting services to many co-working spaces where members join to work with like-minded people and help promote their businesses. It’s a diverse community sharing tips and advice, building new relationships, and helping each other grow.

MUNNLANE is dedicated to providing a workspace environment that enables employees to succeed both personally and professionally. Our team will work with you to find the perfect blend of collaboration and productivity office furniture. As the workforce becomes increasingly less static, more and more people are looking for a way to manage both work and personal time.

For people who are juggling multiple responsibilities, we believe the right workplace helps you balance your work, home, and personal life.

In order to draw in a wider market, the office has to be designed perfectly. The most mobile generation ever is creating new challenges for finding balance in life. We are dedicated to helping our clients solve these challenges through space planning, ergonomic workplaces and collaborative furniture designs.

The flexible workforce is growing rapidly, thanks to the many benefits it has for both employers and employees. MUNNLANE Workplace sees the future of workspaces being created for socializing, collaborating and mobility which will lead to employees feeling appreciated and happy.

Successful companies are working with MUNNLANE to create a home-like work space for their employees. We love guiding the workplace transformation.

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