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Brian Wolfson

Chief Revenue Officer
C: 856-275-8490
P: 800-613-2138

Brian has been leading sales and marketing organizations for many years. As the Chief Revenue Officer, Brian is an executive responsible for overseeing and optimizing all revenue-generating activities within the company. This includes sales, pricing, marketing, and customer support, with the goal of maximizing revenue and driving business growth through effective strategies and operations. Brian is confident, assertive, stable, and foreseeable. It’s more than just numbers; he operates based on foresight for the organization’s growth and long-term accomplishment. Most importantly, the customer experience with MUNNLANE Workplace is his primary focus. His role is ultimately about ensuring super high customer satisfaction and working within the team approach at MUNNLANE Workplace to develop one seriously happy customer after another.

Brian is a graduate of Stockton University and is married to his lovely wife, Laurie.


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